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          Monthly Archives: March 2015

          Solar Eclipse 2015

          On Friday 20th March 2015, millions of people in the UK and northern Europe glimpsed the best solar eclipse in years. A great swathe of the Earth's surface was plunged into darkness as the Moon came between Earth and the Sun. Some of our students had the opportunity to view this event using pin... Read more

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          Annie, is Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy's second annual musical production. Following the success of ‘Hairspray’ in 2014, we decided to look for a production with a different feel. With a much younger cast, full of eager Year 7 pupils, we opted for the story of ‘Annie’. The... Read more

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          OSSMA One Of The Top 90 Schools In The Country!

          On the 5th February 2015, Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy received a letter from the Rt Hon David Laws MP; Minister of State for Schools, congratulating us on our excellent improvement in Key Stage 4 results. This means that due to our continuous improvement in GCSE results over the last 3... Read more

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          Solar Eclipse

          On Friday 20th March 2015, we will be taking the science classes out onto the field to view the almost total solar eclipse. The students will be using pin hole camera's projecting onto a screen and mirrors projecting the image into a darkened room. Remember, never look directly into the sun, even... Read more

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          September 2015 Application Information

          Dear Year 6 Parents applying for a place in September 2015 I am so sorry to the many of you who have been unsuccessful in gaining a place at our academy. Unfortunately the demand for places at OSSMA has outweighed our and the local authority’s expectations. The governors were very conscious... Read more

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